Yes. The Frequencer® comes with a carrying case that has wheels for home use. It is perfect for someone who

The Frequencer® requires a prescription from a physician. Then a home trial is scheduled to ensure total satisfaction and efficacy.

For those with private insurance coverage, please contact us and our specialist will help you navigate through the process.

Dymedso prides itself on delivering proven and effective airway clearance treatment with our Frequencer® device. No customer has ever returned the device due to lack of effectiveness or satisfaction.

Dymedso fully supports the repair of its Frequencer® devices, but at times it is difficult to repair older devices due to limitations of available replacement parts. If you own a Frequencer® 1001 or a Frequencer® V2 or V2x with serial numbers 2009Q4F10001 to 2009Q4F10300, please contact us to learn how to upgrade your device.

The Frequencer® is a long-life and reliable product. Our clients and patients have used the device for years and have stated that by using it, they are able to maintain compliance with their airway clearance treatment regimen. As a patient grows, the patient only requires a new adapter and filter, sized appropriately for their body type. A new device is not required.

Although Dymedso may state that a device has come up on the end of its life-cycle, due to lack of replacement parts, most patients own their Frequencer® device for 10 years or more.

The Frequencer® is the ONLY therapy that uses acoustics to clear the lungs.

The Frequencer® is very easy to use. Information on how to use the device is available in the user manual.

The settings depend on the patient’s condition, but the frequency is usually set between 38 and 42 Hertz and the intensity will be as high as the patient can tolerate, up to a maximum of 100%.

You will feel a change in your voice (trembling) and a vibration on your back if treatment is administered on the front. You may also feel a tickling effect in your bronchioles.

With the Frequencer® a wide range of patients and conditions can be treated simply by choosing the right adaptor size.

Yes. The Frequencer® can safely be used on children. Its acoustic low-frequency sound waves are gentle and safe.

The Frequencer® is supported by research and ongoing studies conducted at University institutions in Canada.

The Frequencer® induced airway clearance in patients equivalent to that of traditional CPT. Results of testing show a significant increase in mucus flow rates using the Frequencer® as a component of CPT.